"Thank you so much for the cakes they were absolutely fabulous, already given your number to a couple of people here. Everyone is very impressed, partularly the wife you've done us proud."
Chris - May 2016

"Our hen party afternoon was great fun and we had delicious cupcakes to eat afterwards. Thank you Michelle for your very useful demonstration and instruction - we surprised ourselves with our icing techniques, all of us complete novices. Hoping to repeat the experience in the not too distant future. Thanks again."
Pat Atkinson  (Mother of the Bride) - October 2015

"Everyone I spoke to said they were fantastic!!! Can't thank you enough. It's not often my old man cries when he sees cake!!!"
Daniel Barker  (Groom) - August 2015

"Like i said on the day, must be up there with 1 of the best wedding cakes ive had the pleasure to photograph for a wedding"
​Scott Cowan (Wedding Photographer) - August 2015

"Look what my amazing auntie made for me! She's so talented! Thank you from The Sound of Music UK Tour!"
​Katie Shearman (my very lovely and talented neice) - July 2015

"Amazing Auntie! Thank you Michelle. X"
​Jan Hartley - July 2015

"Well done Michelle. You exceeded the high expectations."
John Shearman - July 2015

"Michelle Ware makes the most amazing cakes. Check these beauties out. They taste as good as they look too! X"
Becky Singleton - July 2015

"What can you say about these delightful cupcakes…..Well;  quite a lot actually!  Myself & My colleagues look forward  to these `Artistic tasty treats’ They look too good to eat!  But, eat them we do! They do taste just as good as they look!
Tom Jennings - May 2015

"You want some amazing cupcakes for a special occasion? Check these I'm a Celebrity themed ones out I got-Amazing! @albncupcakes (thanks mum)"
Ben Hardy (Via Twitter) - March 2015

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say that your cup cakes were a huge hit with our tea this afternoon. The only voice of decent came from my wife [Catherine] who complained that I had only bought her one! "
​Robert Wakeford - March 2015

"OMG that cake was wonderful."
Fiona Ismail - March 2015

"your cupcakes are little works of art :-)" ​
Jenni Smith (via Twitter) - Feb 2015

"They’re something else again! Fabulous work xx"
QueenVonny (Via Twitter) - Feb 2015

​"They are beautiful, you've made a Peach very happy"
Seth Newson 14th February 2015

“All delicious. Thank you. X"
Lucinda Reid - 19th July 2014

"Just to say, all went well yesterday - cakes arrived safely in Dorset & Kathleen was thrilled. They were the most photographed & admired cakes ever! All guests declared how amazing they looked & far too good to eat - this was short-lived though & even after a fabulous lunch & a smaller guest list (only 27 in the end) most of them were devoured & only a few left for Kathleen to finish today. I think one final point is that the mix of large & small cakes worked a treat-not only did it look great, but it gave a good taster option for guests to try several different ones - and they did taste as good as they looked! :) So thank you again - it was lovely to see her so happy.”

Denise Howard - 30th June 2014

"The cupcakes were absolutely delicious!!"
Aline Wicks (Small Boxes Ltd) - 22nd June 2014

"The cakes are fabulous Michelle, absolutely wonderful! Thank you"

Dionne Bailey - 23rd May 2014

"Your cake was magnificent - can you make me some exactly the same for my birthday please? "

Dionne Bailey - 6th March 2014

"That was divine!"

Cathy Bowbrick - 6th March 2014

"Good enough to grace the wealthiest tables is my opinion – they really are something else FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Tina Riddle - 6th March 2014

"The cupcakes went down so well, everyone loved them. Thanks Michelle!

Dharmendra Ladva -  3rd March 2014

"Thank you so much for my Beautiful wedding cakes, they looked stunning. Everyone enjoyed them too and said they tasted every bit as good as they looked and I know a few people went back for seconds and thirds!

Linda & Ian Beavis (Bride & Groom) - February 2014

"Just wanted to let you know how well your yummy jams and cakes have been going down – and how rapidly!!!!  We're both enjoying them very much."

Clare Cooper - 4th December 2013

"Just wanted to say Thank You for the wonderful cup cake.  Not only was it the most beautiful cup cake I had ever seen, it was the most delicious too!"

Karen Walter - 2nd December 2013

​"It's so tasty. Not much left, even though I bought it for dad!"

Tanya Russell - 11th November 2013

"Just wanted to send you a quick note to say how scrummy your cupcakes were that I bought from you on Tuesday.I got them home in one piece, and shared with the hubby (it took a lot of willpower not to eat them during the day!). I’d bought an oreo and Mint one, and I have to tell you that we thought that they were the nicest cupcakes we have ever had!! They were amazing! You’ve got a great talent and wish you lots of luck with the business J…and if your cupcakes are that good, I can’t wait to try the chutneys I ordered for Christmas!" Jane Bates  - 4th November 2013

"The cupcakes were absolutely delicious!"

​Fiona Ismail - 30th September 2013

"Oh my god…that Banoffee cupcake was amazing!"

​Amber Amey - 5th September 2013​

"Cookies & cream = amazing!!  Hard to pick my fave between that and banoffee!

What a talented chick you are!"

Jane Boswell - 3rd September 2013

"The cake was so delicious!!! J"​

​Grace Nathan - 15th July 2013

"That’s good cake! Light, fluffy and full of moist flavour. Superb."

Paul Price - 5th July 2013

"So delicious and melt in the mouth! You definitely need to keep progressing your business!!"

Laura Smith - 17th June 2013